FUE Result Front 2200 Grafts – ForHair Clinic – Dr. John Cole

Dr Cole performed the following procedure (Patient EEE) in the year 2016. 2200 grafts were used in this FUE hair transplant procedure. In this case, the patient wanted to lower his frontal hairline. Based on the results of the evaluation of his donor area, the number of follicular units was average. It is noteworthy that the number of hairs per follicular unit was above average. A large number of hair groupings composed of 3 and 4 hairs per graft were found in his donor area. Physicians tend to treat patients with one punch, but some cases, such as EEE, don’t lend themselves well to one size fits all. Most hair restoration physicians limit the size of the punch to 0.85- to 0.9 mm. Although smaller punches can result in less visible scarring to the donor area, it is not beneficial for patients with a high number of hairs per follicle unit. If smaller punches are used, the grafts will be transected, reducing the viability of the extracted grafts. The patient had finer hairs on the sides of his donor and a 0.85-millimeter punch was used for extraction.

In addition to the FUE procedure, the patient participate in a study comparing regular P.R.P and sonicated P.R.P (C.R.P.). Dr. Cole injected C.R.P into the right side and the standard PRP on the left. The right side had more re-growth than the left side.

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