FUE Result - Front and crown with 3300 grafts – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a 34-year-old patient who wanted to enhance the density to the front and cover the crown. He was also concerned about his donor and wanted to cover the area to a natural look without insisting on high density. His main aim was naturality and to leave donor for future hair loss.

HDC Medical Team, under the responsibility of Dr Maras used only 3300 grafts to cover both areas. To achieve this, we did not build a dense front hairline that would spend a lot of grafts.

Note, the clean recipient area one week after and the post op donor photos, showing how the extraction had been evenly distributed over the area, leaving in-between hair intact, as it is always done by HDC.

Finally, the result was to the full satisfaction of the patient and this shows an alternative approach to patients that want to proceed with a more conservative approach.


Immediately after

1 Week after

8 Months after