Grey Hair Transplant | 4108 grafts @ Eugenix | 3-year results

Mr Sanjeev consulted our doctors back in 2018 while he was suffering from male pattern hair loss. He extensively researched hair restoration clinics in Delhi NCR before booking his procedure with us. He was classified as a Norwood Grade 5A patient. 4108 grafts were implanted out of which 3608 grafts were extracted from the scalp and 500 grafts from the beard. Fast forward three years and Mr Sanjeev couldn’t have been happier with his results. He feels very happy about the survival rate of his transplanted hair, which is 100% for the DHT technique used at Eugenix. Mr Sanjeev also made a special mention about the post-surgery care that was offered to him by the team at Eugenix. He loves to recommend Eugenix now, to anyone looking to get a hair restoration procedure done.