Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Hair transplantation, as a relatively new medical miracle for bald people to get rid of their baldness and psychologically deficiency feelings, becomes more and more popular every day. The number of people who thinks to undergo this easy medical surgery is increasing. Hair transplant operations consist of some ingredients and of course one of the most important parts is its cost. Except from its surgery quality and the success of the operation, the price of these operations is the most wondered part. In this article we will try to show prices especially hair transplant cost in Turkey where it is among the most popular destinations in the world. Thousands of people come to Turkey both to travel and getting hair transplant operation every year.

Turkey has a mixed kind of medical system that both state and private services are offered. There are so many good and well-experienced doctors in Turkey. The surgeons work with state and for special clinics. Specialization on their area in medicine is highly strong. The most of the successors in their area open their own clinics to give people good services for every kind of medical demands.

Hair transplant Clinics in Turkey

The popularity of hair transplant operations in Turkey is especially subject to the number of special clinics that give these services in Turkey. Actually, that is the reason why hair transplant costs in Turkey are low with comparing to the European countries and the United States of America. Amongst the Turkish doctors and surgeons, it has become very popular recently to make hair transplant operations. The doctors have the chance of educating themselves because of the intense traffic in this very special area. This trend leads to a huge economical income for many people and industry as well. Competitive equilibrium of free market economy made the price settings. Therefore, the hair transplant cost in Turkey became very low and affordable for many people both domestic and international.

Moreover, people see hair transplant operations as a kind of holiday opportunity away from their homeland. These surgeries also create a touristic income opportunity and travel agencies take these operations very seriously. Frequently, the price settings are arranged by travel agencies including plane tickets, welcome services, hotel reservations and surgery expenses. That is why the prices are not stabile and requires a good research for the people who thinks to get buy a pocket of services.

Good Services Worth It

In a capitalist economy model, free market economy and the competitive rage allow people to get good services for a good price. However, bad services are still existing for an unworthy prices sometimes. That is why a customer should be careful while trying to find best services. There may be swindlers and swindling all around the world, and also in Turkey. So, people who searches the hair transplant cost in Turkey should be very careful. There are so many good agencies which proved themself with their previous operations. Also, they have so many good customer feedbacks. People should consult to those agencies in order to have a good service that worth to the money people pay for it.

If we speak of specifically hair transplant operations, the conclusion cannot be as we expected because of bad operations. There may be some occasions that planted hair follicles would be fallen out and all the money that we pay for it is just became ashes. In order to avoid these type of occasions, people should deny very low prices especially too different from average hair transplant cost in Turkey.

Average Costs of Hair Transplantation

As it is told above, hair transplant operations are consisting of many ingredients and average costs are so flexible related with travel expenses. It is because people’s expectation of travel is so different. So, it is hard to determine a stabile cost for the whole process. However average hair transplant cost in Turkey just for the surgical operation is in between 3,000 Turkish liras and 15,000 Turkish liras. Of Course, these prices are variable in accordance with the method that is used by the surgeon. There are several different types of hair transplantation and the most common and cheapest one is the FUE method whereas the most expensive one is robotic hair transplantation.

Moreover, the prices determination is also related with the graft numbers that are the hair follicles. If the bald spot is wide and the necessary numbers of follicles are high then the prices will go higher. Otherwise, it is going to be lower. By means of these average prices people can think about the topic but the best way to decide which place is better to undergo for this operation is to consult a proven and legal clinic.