Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant operations have become widespread in our country day by day with the reduction of hair transplantation procedures at a low price. Hair transplant operations performed in our country were quite successful compared to the world. The most important issue that patients who will undergo hair transplantation should be aware of, should be differentiated according to surgeons, not clinics. Because surgeons do hair transplantation, not clinics. The best hair transplant centers in the world are clinics that understand their patients well. Before the hair transplant operation, the specialist surgeons should have a meeting with the patient. The experience of the hand of the surgeons is very important. Surgeons should definitely be a specialist doctor, be in the operation while performing the procedures, and should not have nurses do most of the procedure. Another important thing to be aware of is the people who have not even obtained a pirate certificate. Never entrust your hair to these people. Clinics should not make empty promises to the patient after hair transplantation, and be realistic for clear results. Reasonable service costs should be taken from patients, not bills with herpes, and quality service should be provided to patients with low budget. The correct number should be told about the transplanted hair follicles to the patient, and patients should never be deceived with incorrect numbers. The transplanted hair follicles should not be planted vertically but at 45 50 degrees, if possible, the roots should be planted with a needle without opening a channel.

Turkey offers the ideal conditions for a successful hair transplant. As such, it has been many years since the country has become a destination of choice for hair implants.

But how is it possible to offer services at such competitive prices? First of all, the cosmetic surgery industry is heavily subsidized by the Turkish state. Secondly the lower cost of living allows our hair implant to be more affordable than in Europe. Those are the reasons why we can offer very advantageous prices without denying the quality of our transplants.

In addition, you can combine your treatment with an unforgettable stay in the historic metropolis of the old “Constantinople”.

Hair transplantation technique in Turkey

Hair transplantation can be applied using several different techniques determined in accordance with the structure of the patient’s hair. According to statistics, in addition to the most widely known FUE technique, DHI and Percutan techniques, which are newer techniques, are also applied with rising graphics. In all techniques used, the result of the procedure starts to give results within 8 months, the final effect of the procedure becomes completely definite after 1 year.

Turkey is considered as one of the leading countries for not only beard and mustache for hair transplantation. Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation have also taken place among the highly preferred applications in recent years. Beard and mustache transplantation, which are aesthetically required, are very natural processes and are applied with the techniques used in hair transplantation.

Regardless of the technique used, every transplant procedure starts with the application of local anesthesia to the patient. Using anesthesia in transplantation procedures is to provide the comfort of the patient by blocking the disturbing situations that may be felt during the procedure such as pain and pain. It is preferred locally as anesthesia in hair transplantation and is applied to two different regions. First of all, local anesthesia applied to the donor area is applied to the transplantation area before the canal opening process after the grafts are collected. Although the hair transplantation process seems like a simple procedure, it is a surgical intervention that takes 8-10 hours and each stage requires special attention. The anesthesiologist should have determined very well how much anesthesia to apply to the person during the procedure.

Hygiene and sterilization for hair transplantation in Turkey

Hygiene and sterilization are of great importance for the patients to avoid any complications related to hygiene in transplantation procedures. In addition to the sterilization of the area where the transplantation will be made in accordance with the health standards, the hygiene of the equipment to be used is of utmost importance. All equipment used after the operations are sterilized with a sterilization device in accordance with health standards. Equipment is purified from all microorganisms, including spores, by the high temperature applied by the device and the chemical liquid used.