Hair Transplant Result - 0 to 7 months for 4350 FUE – HDC Hair Clinic with Dr Christina

This is a 38-year-old patient of NW class 4-5. He wanted to cover his whole boldness with about 6000 grafts. This would cause too much strain on the donor. Dr Christina managed to harvest 4350 grafts and covered most of the area.

The result was presented by the patient in the Greek forum. We took the photos from the patient’s post, and we added the before and post op to complete the presentation.

A list of the important factors for this result are the following:

  • Correct design and plan for the surgery
  • Sites and placing on hairline for natural result (See details on 11 days after)
  • Correct distribution and angulation of grafts for natural look
  • Correct distribution of density over the covered area
  • Punching and extraction of grafts distributed evenly throughout the donor area with avoiding scarring.
  • Post op care by HDC, offered free to all patients for 5 days post op, for keeping recipient clean of scabs, and donor treatment for faster healing. (See photos of 48 hours and 11 days after) For more details on post op care see this link FUE Hair Transplant Post Operation Care: Important or Not? (

Having read the above you can get an idea of how a state-of-the-art hair transplants work. Make sure that the doctor and team who will be assign to your case have the knowledge of how to correctly perform your hair transplantation. See details of their previous work.

Hair Transplantation is a lifetime investment on yourself. Do not settle to anything but certainly of Success!


Immediately after

Immediately after and 48 hours after

11 Days after

5 Months after

Development 0 to 5 months

7 months after