Hair Transplant Result - 10 months after – 5750 grafts in 2 FUE Sessions- Dr Christina – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a 46-year-old patient with a NW class 6. He had an average to low donor density with a light brown colour of hair.

Initially at the consultation we tried to lower his expectation and explain to the patient that his result will be determined by the quality of his donor. The patient had realistic expectations, and this enabled us to proceed with our plan of 2 surgeries to cover his baldness with expected lower density for the crown.

In FUE1 in June 2021 we transplanted 3400 grafts covering the front part of his head as you can see in the photos below. Then as he was satisfied with the result, the patient came for FUE2 in February 2022, where we managed to transplant another 2350 grafts to his crown, making a total of 5750 grafts. Obviously, the result was better than his expectations. He also gave us his consent for posting his result including his face.

His class 6 area was not covered with grafts as the patient has some thinning hair that would blend with the transplanted hair of the crown. This Design made it possible for a natural appearance as the hair were placed exactly where needed, given the donor capabilities of the patient.

Having said all the above, in our effort to offer useful information to the community of this forum, we would also want to explain the following:

A hair transplant result needs to be evaluated in 3 ways.

  • The first one is obviously the growth of the hair in the recipient area.
  • The second one is the health of the donor. If the donor ends up depleted with scar tissue and empty areas within the donor, then this is a problem that deprives the patient for future transplants that will be needed as he grows older, and it also looks bad. What we do to avoid this from happening, is that we distribute our punching evenly over the donor and always leaving surrounding hair around the punched follicles. Also, we do not punch deep into the skin thus creating less scarring. By punching deep, it is easier to extract and is the only way to finish a 4000 grafts FUE case in 1 day as it happens with the low-cost clinics. We used 2 days for each session of this patient so that we safeguard his donor and result. See punched area in the photos below.
  • The third one is the correct plan and design. The hairline must be placed in the correct height according to the age, the NW scale, and the donor of the patient. The density must be distributed in such a way for giving the most natural result and not the thickest result if the case of the patient cannot support high density as it is this case. And finally, the pattern and angle of placing is important for giving naturality and versatility to hair styles.

A hair transplant is composed of the medical part but also of the artistry of the Doctor and the medical team that supports her/him.

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Donor before

Post op FUE1

Before FUE2

Post op FUE2