Hair Transplant Result - 15 months after for 4000 FUE Grafts on NW5 Patient – HDC hair Clinic – Dr Maras

This is a Norwood Class 5 patient who wanted to cover his baldness. HDC Hair Clinic with leading physician being Dr Maras planed a two-stage surgery. 4000 Grafts were placed on FUE1 surgery and covered the front and the top area. This was done in August 2021.

The patient came back for the second stage, FUE 2 to the crown on December 2022. So, we are presenting the result of FUE1 after 15 months.

The following point should be noted on this case:

  • Full growth of transplanted hair
  • Natural appearance of the whole result
  • Natural hairline when hair is combed backwards.
  • It is evident from post op photos that grafts we place in the correct angle and distributed in the correct pattern on the transplanted area
  • The donor is not depleted and ready to donate the number of grafts needed to cover the crown, which is estimated to around 3500 – 4000 grafts

WE are including comparison photos for easier evaluation of the result.

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Immediately after

15 Months after