Hair Transplant Result – 3475 Grafts – Class 4 – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Cristina

This is a 29-year-old patient that wanted to cover all his baldness. It was not possible to cover everything with one surgery, so we proceeded with 3475 grafts to cover the front and top area. We will cover the rest in a 2nd FUE Hair Transplant surgery. Therefore, you can notice the thin area behind the transplanted one in a photo below.

It should be noted that we have designed the hairline slightly above his existing hair. The reason is for minimizing the final number of grafts needed for now and the future, and for achieving extra naturality. You can see the effect of how the exiting hair, add naturality, in the photos that hair is combed backwards.

What we stress to our patients is that the most successful result is not the one with most density, but the one that looks most natural over time. Hair loss is a continues process and a long-term plan must be made to coordinate available donor with future expected hair loss.


Immediately after

2 Years after