Hair Transplant result – 7 months after – 3200 FUE Grafts - NW class 3 - Dr Christina HDC

This is a classic NW Class 3 patient. 3200 Grafts were transplanted with FUE Method. The Medical Team of HDC Hair Clinic with leading physician being Dr Christina, have performed the operation.

What needs to be taken as a lesson from this result is the following:

  • Good Hairline design for natural appearance
  • Grafts evenly distributed over the transplanted area with nice irregularity to the front
  • Grafts placed in the correct direction and pattern
  • Enough density to blend with thick hair behind the transplanted area and without using excessive number of grafts leaving more donor for the future.

The patient if obviously very happy and any interested patient can choose the same team that has achieved this result and all the other results of HDC.

Invest in your appearance and yourself. Choose certainty for your Hair Transplantation!


7 Months after