Hair Transplant Result After 27 Months – 3200 Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a young patient 25 years old. He has thinning up To NW Scale 5. HDC Medical Team with leading physician being Dr Maras.

The doctor Explained to the patient that all the thinning hair will fall in the next few years and the 2nd FUE operation will cover all the top area leaving a part of the crown Untouched. And then there will be a revaluation of the donor to see if and how we can proceed with further procedures. This is important to explain to young patients so that they know what the next steps will be so that they will prepare psychologically to what stage they will end up to.

At HDC Hair Clinic we always put the wellbeing of the patient first, and we believe in the correct education of our patients.

Furthermore, you can observe from the post op photos that the 3200 grafts were spread in a considerable area so that we can continue from there when the time comes for FUE2. And we are planning to spread even more the grafts on the 2nd surgery as coverage is more important for the patient than high density. You can also see we placed the hairline about 1cm higher than his existing one and it grew up nicely Blanding the hair below it.

The secret of a successful hair transplant over time is the correct planning for now and the future to give a natural look to the patient.


Immediately after

27 Months after