Hair Transplant Result for Almost shaven look – 3475 Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Maras

Many times, we have patients requesting to have a hair transplant but keep their transplanted hair, short to grade one. We consider appropriate to bring to their attention the fact that the donor may have signs of white dots and that the recipient may look better with longer hair.

This NW class 6, and 46-year-old patient wanted to cover at least all the front and top area of his baldness, before to grow his hair. So, he kept his transplanted hair length to what you will see below. In his case we spread 3575 grafts to his front and mid top area without using high density.

We present detailed photos of his result and his donor before, post op and 9 months after.

We kept a high hairline and a design that would make the result look natural and without being detected as a hair transplant.

We consider hair transplantation as a lifetime investment. Don’t seek for quick gains and long term loses.


Immediately after

9 Months after