Hairline and crown - 4000 FUE Grafts – Dr Christina – HDC Hair Clinic

We very often get cases like this one. Small hair loss in the hairline and a thin crown.
So, this is the perfect example of a result of one of these cases. It was transplanted exactly 2495 grafts to the Front and 1253 grafts to the Crown.

You can see how nice the result is. To achieve this, you need:

  • Dense packing in the front for the transplanted hair to join the existing native hair
  • Appropriate hairline design and natural hairline sites and placement
  • Just enough grafts to cover the crown without overspending donor grafts, hence only 1253 were used in this case

And of course, a good doctor and a good team to support him / her.


Immediately after

Front 47 months after

Crown 6 months after