Hairline Hair Transplant Result - 2500 grafts – 1 Year After from HDC Hair Clinic

This is a young patient, only 25 years old. He wanted to fill up his receding hairline. HDC Team has examined his family history and status of hair loss. It was found that he does not have a potential of high Norwood stage, so we proceeded with his surgery.

In young patients, is important to make sure that they understand their future hair loss and to have realistic expectations, otherwise you end up with unsatisfied patients. It is also important to check that they have a good donor that can support possible further hair loss.

In this case we only used 2500 grafts as you can see below. Notice that we kept a conservative hairline, as it will escort this individual for the rest of his life. Low hairlines and temporal rectification should be avoided in young patients.


Immediately after

1 Year After