Hairline Restoration with 2350 FUE Grafts from HDC Hair Clinic

This 32-year-old patient wanted to restore his hairline. He was after a natural result with a density that would blend in harmony with his native hair behind the transplanted.

HDC Medical team with Dr Maras as the leading physician managed to fulfill the patient’s Goal with 2352 grafts. The result is presented 1.5 years After the surgery.

Hairline hair transplantation many times is more difficult than it looks. It takes a lot of artistry and detail to end up with a natural hairline.

To really look at an individual’s face and be able to build a hairline that suits that person individually is second to none.

You can throw a million grafts on anybody’s head but if you don’t know which direction the hair is supposed to grow, what types of hair is supposed to be on certain places, a thick hairline doesn’t mean anything If everybody is looking at you for the wrong reasons.


Immediately after

1.5 years after