Hairline restoration with 2750 grafts – 13 Months After – HDC Hair Clinic

This patient had hairline and temple reception. The rest of his hair were very strong and had no miniaturization in the crown. This is why we decided to proceed with his hair transplant. It should be avoided on patients that are potential high Norwood scale.

The HDC Medical team created a dense pack in the transplanted area with 2750 grafts. We lifted the height of the hairline slightly higher than his existing one, in order to give more naturalness to his result.

A refined job like this is not as simple as it may look. The artistry involved is to really look at an individual’s face and be able to build a hairline that feed that person individually. You can throw a million grafts on anybody’s head but if you don’t know which direction the hair is supposed to grow, what types of hair is supposed to be on certain places, a thick head of hair doesn’t mean anything, if everybody is looking at you for the wrong reasons.


Immediately after

13 months after