HDC Result of 4180 grafts to front and post op of 2850 to crown – Total 7030 grafts

This 37-year-old Norwood Class 5 patient, wanted to cover all his baldness. It was too much to cover it all in one surgery, so HDC has divided the balding area to be covered, in two different surgeries with a minimum 1-year interval.

He had his first FUE in July 2019 for 4180 Grafts and the second one on May 2021 for the crown with 2850 grafts. This totals 7030 grafts in both surgeries.

In order to make possible covering large balding areas with good density we, need to manage correctly the donor area. Grafts should be taken out with care and spread the extraction all over the donor area, by leaving the surrounding hair from each punch, intact. This causes less trauma to the donor and can maximize over all the total hair that can be extracted, with minimal damage. To succeed you need the skill and the patience of the doctor and the technicians. Therefore, we divide each surgery in two days.

We will show the before, post op and result of the first surgery to the front and then the post op of the surgery to the crown.


Immediately after

6 Days after

22 Months after

Post op second Surgery