Identical Twin Hair Transplant Brother to Brother

Hair transplant Brother to Brother ( Identical Twin Brothers )

Patient1 and Patient2

P1 had been two times hair transplant surgery with another clinic where the result unsuccessful and P1’s donor area wasn’t enough for a third operation due to previous surgeries.

P2 hasn’t been done a hair transplant yet but he would like to have his first operation with Dr. Hakan DOGANAY.

Before surgery, we investigate all related tests and blood examinations by taking blood samples and we confirmed that they have the same DNA code that gave us the opportunity to use P2’s graft to P1 who had bad surgeries so we planned a hair transplant for identical twin brothers. We did a hair transplant for both of them at the same day in different operating rooms.


First, we started to extract grafts from P2 who is the donor of P1 in total we obtained 4000 grafts (3000 from scalp + 1000 from beard). We planned 1500 grafts of those 3000 grafts will be implanted in P1’s front head. At the same time, we extract 1300 beard grafts from P1 for his vertex. we did not shave P1’s hair because he doesn’t have enough donor on the back of his head.

In total 2800 grafts (1500 grafts from P2’s scalp + 1300 grafts from P1’s beard) were implanted on P1’s front head and crown, the rest of 2500 grafts (1500 grafts of those 3000 grafts from scalp + 1000 from beard) were implanted to P2’s front head.

After the operation we investigated those identical twin brothers for 3 days in our clinic likely we hadn’t seen any complications.

We will go on to share the pictures monthly when we receive more pictures from those brothers.

Graft Details:

FOR P1: (received 2800 grafts. 1300 grafts from his own beards, and 1500 hair grafts from his brother)
Single 600
Double 850
Tripple 50 Beard Grafts 1300

FOR P2: (harvested 4000 grafts (3000 hair+1000 beard), and he gave 1500 hair grafts to his brother. P2 received 1500 hair and 1000 beard grafts)
Single 450
Double 1025
Tripple 25
Beard Grafts 1000