Increase of density in already transplanted area with 1872 Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic

This patient who is 35 years old, wanted to enhance his hair density to the front and temples. He had a previous hair transplant many years ago when he still had most of his native hair.

After the loss of his existing hair, he ended up with lower density in this area. HDC Hair Clinic with Team leader being Dr Maras, has transplanted only 1872 grafts to increase the density of this area, to match with his hair density behind.

The important element in this case is that the existing hair were used as part of the solution. So, the new hair transplanted hair was placed in between those. This way the number of newly transplanted hair was kept low, thus giving lower cost to the patient and less grafts taken from the donor.


Immediately after

1 week after

9 months after