Lowering of Hairline – 2680 FUE Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Maras

This is a 38-year-old patient who wanted to lower his hairline by about 2 cm. He does not have a bad history of hair loss and his existing hair are not miniaturizing. These two factors make him a good candidate for a lowering of hairline hair Transplant.

This kind of work is not recommended for young patients who have just started to lose their hair and they have a potential for high Norwood scales.
HDC Medical Team under the lead of Dr Maras, has transplanted 2680 grafts in a way that the additional hair to blend with his existing ones. The result is one year after.

The secret of success in such cases is to create a correct hairline design and place the grafts in the correct density, angle, and pattern. Patients expect a natural looking result, and this is what we succeed in giving them.

Please see the result, demonstrating the before and the post operation photos, with detail.

Please choose a Sure Success for your Hair Transplant. This is your lifetime appearance!


Immediately after

1 Year after