Medikemos, Dr. Lupanzula - Patient testimonial FUE 1555 FUs + plug removal

This patient was left unsatisfied with a previous FUT surgery which lacked both density and refinement at the hairline.

1555 FUs were used to reconstruct the hairline and increase the density behind zone 1 to deliver an extremely natural result. The multi hair grafts on the hairline were removed and re-implanted, nothing goes to waste!

FUE + Plugs removal: 1555 Fu’s - 42 years old man - NW III - Goals: Frontal hair line + 1/3 frontal area + Temples - Treatment before and after the surgery: Finasteride

Grafts number: 1555 fu’s H/G: 2,37 I hair: 192 II hairs: 696 III hairs: 573 IV hairs: 94