NW Class 5 patient with 7370 FUE grafts in two sessions – Dr Maras – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a NW Class 5 patient who wanted to cover all his balding area. In order to achieve this, HDC Hair Clinic had to divide the covering of the baldness into 2 Sessions. The 1st FUE Hair Transplant was performed in September 2020 with 3670 grafts and the second one, 17 months later in April 2022 with 3700 grafts, giving a total of 7370 grafts.

A conservative hairline design was applied that would give a natural look. This way we maintained naturality and saved using unnecessary grafts for lower hairline.

Below we present the result of the first FUE with 3670 grafts and the post operation photos of the crown with 3700 grafts as this was done this week.

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Immediately after FUE1

Immediately after FUE2

18 Months after FUE1