Repair case performed by Dr. Feriduni – 708 FU in 1 procedure

FUE performed on a 38-year old patient with

• NW III Vertex, Class T
• FUT ex domo in 2016
• Donor density of 80 FU/cmÇ occipital, 84 FU/cmÇ parietal, 70 FU/cmÇ temporal
• Hair diameter of ~ 59-62 microns

Treatment plan
Extraction of wrong-placed, -directed FU in the hairline and Follicular Unit Extraction to reimplant the scar from FUT ex domo in 2016.

Performed procedure
Dissection of 1142 grafts and reimplantation of 708 FU in FUE (October 18, 2022):
* 290 single hair FU
* 300 double hair FU
* 118 triple hair FU

Perpendicular incisions in custom-sized blades technique (Cutting Edge blades of 0,90-1,20 mm).
Extraction performed by WAW-system with a 0.90 mm serrated trumpet punch.