Result 3125 grafts – 10 months after – Top Coverage and Connecting top hair with side donor – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Maras

This is a 47-year-old patient who came for consultation to HDC Hair Clinic, seeking a better appearance without knowing how he can achieve it.

After examining his case we told him that we need to seek naturality of appearance and think out of the box in our approach. So instead of going for the front or the crown, which is the traditional way, we spotted that first we need fill up the gap between his top hair and the side donor hair. Then fill up the top area behind his existing hair leaving a natural small crown.

His donor was average with grey hair, and we had a limitation on the number of grafts that could be safely harvested. Dr Maras managed to harvest finally 3125 Grafts.

These grafts were placed on the sides and top area, as you can see below:

The concern was how this Transplanted hair, would blend with his existing ones.

Well, you can see the result below.

Next, we are planning to finish the crown and enhance the front temporal areas.


Immediately after

10 Months after