Result of 2 FUE Sessions For Total 5700 grafts - Front and Crown – HDC Hair Clinic

This Patient is a certified Nurse, and he is working as a Technician in HDC Hair Clinic. His name is Aristos, and all those who will have a surgery with HDC, will be able to meet him and probably work on their case.

He had 2 FUE Hair Transplant surgeries as follows:

FUE1 on 25-01-21 was for 2660 grafts to the front.

FUE2 on 01-02-22 was for 340 grafts to front and 2700 the crown.

So, the total number for the front is 3000 grafts and 2700 to the crown. Giving a total for both areas of 5700 grafts.

As you can see from the before photos, he had an average donor and a developing hair loss.

With 5700 grafts HDC covered all his baldness with good density and giving a very natural result with correct, grafts distribution, angle of placement, and density. The donor is left in a status that future hair transplants can be possible in case of further hair loss.

So apart from the result, we want to draw your attention to the donor where we show in a comparison photo, the extraction of the first and the 2nd FUE, and the donor status after removing those 5700 grafts. As we said in other posts by the clinic, a hair transplant Result should be evaluated with both the appearance of the recipient and the donor.

Both Dr Maras and Dr Christina worked on this case.

Before FUE1

Before FUE2

Post op FUE1

Post op FUE2

Result of FUE1 and FUE2