Result of 4000 grafts – 11 months after – NW class 4

This patient had some hair in the front and the initial idea was to cover the temples and the top area.

However, after we started the hair transplantation procedure, we decided to fill up the front area as well, because this hair could get thinner in the next 1 or 2 years and the patient would lose all the benefit of the result. Therefore, we proceeded with 4000 grafts in 2 days and covered all the area.

Besides the result that you can see, we also present the post-op photo of the recipient and the donor area one week after the surgery. In the post-op recipient photos, you can notice that the grafts have been placed with the correct pattern without gaps or corridors in between. In the immediate post-op, you can see that the punching has been distributed evenly all over the donor area and one week later you can see the fast healing of the donor area. This will result in a healthy-looking donor without areas with less density or holes in the donor. And you can see this in the result photos which are 11 months after the surgery.

And as we always say, the most important thing is the naturality of the result without a sign of being the outcome of a hair transplant.

When you pay for a hair transplant you are not really paying for the surgery but for your appearance, image, and integrity. How much do those worth for you?


Immediately after

7 Days after

11 Months after