Result of 4900 Grafts on NW5 Patient – 8 Months After – Dr Maras – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a 30-Year-old Patient from Israel. He wanted to cover as much as possible from his NW scale 5 baldness and to cover the rest of crown with kippa.

To achieve this, we had to go to maximum number of grafts to be extracted in two days and we managed to reach 4900 grafts and covered all the front and top area with good density.

The other goal of the patient was to leave the donor area looking good and having available grafts for covering the crown.

It is now our standard procedures to reach and extent the 5000 grafts in one visit in 2 days and if we can even approach the 6000 Grafts mark, we can add a third day for patient with normal to good donors. The reason why the donor can still look really good is because we have minimized our transection rates and due to spreading extraction equally over the donor area, we do not produce empty areas in the donor. Take a closer look at the donor photo and donor comparison photo, to see how nicely the extradition is spread over the donor.

As we said in our previous post in more detail, the result should be evaluated within 3 variables:

  • Naturality of Appearance
  • Adequate Coverage
  • Condition of the Donor

It is our advice that in general, to examine the post operation photos to understand the good work done, as sometimes the before and after photos can deceive due to favorable lighting.

Hair transplantation is a lifetime decision. You must get it right the first time. It defines your appearance and personality. Don’t Risk it for a few Dollars!


Immediately after

8 Months after