Result of 6800 FUE grafts in two sessions – 7 months after 2nd Session – Dr Maras – HDC Hair Clinic

This is a class 6 patient who wanted to cover all his baldness. This was achievable as he had an average to good donor. We divided his Hair transplant FUE surgery in two sessions.

1st FUE he got 3878 grafts covering up to his top area and the 2nd FUE 2932 grafts for the crown, totalling to 6800 grafts up to the NW Class 6 area.

We demonstrate below the before photos, the post op of FUE1, the result of the FUE1, the post op of FUE2 and the result so far after 7 months, which still is expected for further improvement on FUE2 crown area.

On covering a class 6 patient you should not expect a very thick result, but you expect adequate coverage with a natural appearance. The donor of the patient still looks good and has room for more grafts to take out if needed in the future. He also has good beard donor if ever needed.

As mentioned before the result must me analysed from both the recipient and the donor perspective.


Immediately after FUE1

Result of FUE1

Crown Before FUE2

Immediately after FUE2

7 Months after FUE2