Result of FUE1 to front and top – Post op of Crown with 6055 Grafts – HDC Hair Clinic – Dr Christina

This is a Norwood class 5 patient who wanted to cover his entire baldness.

In June 2022 we have Transplanted 3845 FUE Grafts to Front and top area. The result of this operation is presented Below.

In April 2023 the patient proceeded with his 2nd FUE Surgery, and we transplanted 2210 Grafts to the Crown, and you can see the post operation photo and 4 days after Surgery.

Total Grafts Transplanted is 6055 in two FUE Hair Transplant Surgeries.

This is a perfect Example of how a Class 5 Patient can be fully covered.

In this case the following should be noted:

  • The correct height of the hairline avoiding low hairline to suit patient when he grows older.
  • Slightly irregular hairline with single hair grafts to front.
  • Correct pattern and direction of how the grafts were placed on the recipient area.
  • Full growth of transplanted hair.
  • Punched grafts were evenly distributed throughout the donor with constant spacing, leaving healthy hair in between for future procedures.
  • Clean post operation donor with minimum trauma as Dr Christina did not punch deep and did not punch too dense.
  • We show the donor 4 days after the 2nd FUE after extracting 6055 grafts. Please note the health of the donor and the minimal scarring.
  • The design of the crown with the correct direction of how the hair should be implanted.

All the above are necessary ingredients for a state-of-the-art Hair Transplantation!

Please bear in mind that hair transplantation is a long-term investment in yourself.

Go for a Sure Successful result!

Before FUE1

Immediately After FUE1

Result of FUE1

Before FUE2

Immediately after

4 Days after