Sharing Tim Visser's Hair Transplant Journey at Seneca Medical Group

*Greetings dear forum members, we are delighted to bring you a hair transplant experience that showcases the transformation of former professional rugby player, Tim Visser, at Seneca Medical Group.

As many of you may know, Tim Visser is a renowned figure in the world of rugby, having represented both the Netherlands and Scotland on the international stage. Throughout his illustrious career, he experienced the rigours and physical demands of the sport, which undoubtedly took a toll on his hairline. Determined to regain his youthful appearance and tackle hair loss head-on, Tim turned to Seneca Medical Group.

Our doctors placed 1732 grafts in his hairline using the Direct FUE technique in one day. The minimally invasive nature of the procedure ensured a quicker recovery time, allowing Tim to resume his daily activities without significant disruption.