Turnaround Redemption, Grade VII baldness. 11,000 grafts @Eugenix Hair Sciences

Mr Rahul Raichand’s quest to get full head of hair has finally come to an end. What an amazing transformation from bald to bold!

After having numerous procedures from jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, he never let himself down with a failed and unnatural transplant. He is the epitome of optimism. Not try to get but try TILL you get. He is an inspiration for people who have lost faith on artistry and science of hair transplant or are ashamed of correcting a failed transplant.

Norwood 7
Donor Area: Scalp, Beard & Chest
Grafted Area: Front, Mid Scalp, temples & crown
No of Grafts planted: 11000

February 2020 Hair Restoration Update:

October 2021, 4 years of hair restoration journey update: Time flies so; fast, it has been two years of his Hair Restoration Journey with Eugenix. To be exact it’s 25 months after his final surgery. Sharing some of latest photos & Videos